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This new Almay line of eyeshadows is full of surprises – and color!

Almay has made a lot of changes to their eyeshadows over the years. While a lot of these changes have been done to their packaging, others have turned well-known products into a completely new item with a different concept. We talked about some of these changes in our Almay i-Color blog post.

With their new vision, Almay is trying to get in on the "diversity wagon", keeping their place as the go-to brand for hypoallergenic cosmetics.

The Almay Shadow Squad is a brand new line that has been separated into two; the Squad has 14 options to choose from, while the Squad Holographics has 5 limited edition shades.

Each quad offers 4 different finishes for the one color. From top left to bottom right: matte, metallic, glitter and satin.

We've got 17 available shades in total (including all 5 limited edition shades.) Check them out by clicking the picture.

We talked about the Super Lustrous lipstick  extensively in our Discontinued Stories post. In the blog we mentioned how often Revlon ads and removes colors, some under exclusive limited edition sub-lines.

There's this special edition sub-line called Color Charge. It was launched a little over a year ago and it belongs to the Super Lustrous line. Revlon isn't promoting it on their website anymore and it might be hard to find stock at your local drugstore.

The whole premise of Color Charge is to present a collection of vibrant, 3-dimentional colors that can be built-up and combined. The lipsticks are bold and have an extremely high color pay-off.

It's basically a more modern take on the classic Super Lustrous colors. Take a look at the 8 shades we have available for purchase!

We're not sure if it's officially been discontinued, but it's clear that the limited edition is, well, limited at the moment.

Going back to Almay and their new products, we present you the Instant Glow Highlighting duo.

This practical 2-1 stick offers two ways to apply the product. The same formula and color just different presentation. The top has the highlight in cream, while the bottom holds the liquid version.

All you have to do is swipe the cream around the areas you want to enhance and use the applicator to dot the liquid formula, then blend!

This new product has already been through some packaging changes, but the formula has stayed the same as far as we know. The changes were made to the text displayed in the middle of the product. The first version had the text just as pictured, but the new version has the text going horizontal. It's clear they realized that it would be easier to read this way.

We have two shades; soft glow and nude glow. You can purchase them by clicking the picture!

We know that Super Lustrous is still Revlon's most popular line, but we can't forget that they have other lip colors.

Revlon has other collections like Ultra HD, ColorStay and now the Kiss collection.

The Kiss collection is composed of lip balms, lip glosses and lip tints. The whole premise of the collection is to present products that hydrate your lips with sheer colors and plump them naturally over time.

The Kiss Plumping Lip Creme is a glossy, tinted lip cream that comes in a squishy tube. The formula hydrates your lips and leaves a cooling feeling behind (the plumping properties at work.)

This product is fairly new and we have 10 shades available!


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4th Feb 2019

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