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BuyMeBeauty Exclusives: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

Posted by Sam S. on 5th Apr 2018

Often times we get customers leaving reviews saying how they've been using a particular makeup for years. When we see that, we absolutely believe it--because when they say years, they really do mean years. Some of the oldest makeup being sold today dates back to the 50s and even 30s. Obviously they've changed packages and formulas, but the essence of the product hasn't changed much.

Such is the case with Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick. During our research we came across magazine ads dating back to 1987. It's rather surprising to see that they haven't changed the packaging much; It's still its signature gold and black lipstick tube with bullet-shaped tip. However, things that have changed intensively are the colors, the formula and the size of the Revlon logo on the tube.

Today, Revlon has exactly 82 shades of Super Lustrous Lipstick available for purchase at selected places. There has been a variety of special editions, limited editions, and signature editions throughout the years but those 82 seem to be the current "final cut."

At BuyMeBeauty we have 63 shades in stock at the time of this blog post. These 63 shades can be broken down into 39 current colors, 10 shades from The Sheers Collection, and 14 discontinued colors. One of the best qualities of this collection is how well all the colors compliment most skin tones and that's something that Revlon has advertised extensively. A remarkable move, specially during late 80s.

Let's take a closer look at these shades!

The 39 shades we have available can still be found at your local store but some of the colors we have have been changed completely.

For example the 674 Coralberry that we have it's slightly darker than the one Revlon's currently selling. It's the same for 025 Sky Line Pink. Another example would be 463 Sassy Mauve.

What's really interesting about the life of this lipstick is how little the colors have changed overtime. They've changed them to be lighter or darker and given them a different name, but they've essentially remained more or less the same colors.

Something that they've done a lot has been Limited Editions and Special Editions. These lipsticks came in different packaging and the colors were unique to the promotion. Some of the special editions were inspired by celebrities, others were simply a different collection of colors different from what they usually have.

For example, Revlon has one shade currently called Love is On that seems to be inspired by their current brand ambassador, Gwen Stefani. The packaging is different and it will most likely be available for a limited time.

They've also tried different formulas--creamy, pearl, matte. But it seems that the universal consensus of the most liked formula is the creamy formula--which lasts a long time and keeps your lips moist all-day.

Out of the 82 shades they have available, Revlon selected a specific few and split them into two sub-collections: The Street Chic Collection and The Sheers Collection. We don't have any Street Chic color at the moment but we have 10 shades available from the The Sheers.

The Sheers, as the name suggests, it's a variety of medium to dark colors that can be build up to be sheer and subtle or matte and bold. They're great for everyday use and make you look very professional.

BuyMeBeauty currently has 14 discontinued shades. These colors can't be found at any store, only online. Most of them are colors that can be easily substituted by a newer one, but some like 380 Cocoplum Chrome were very unique. It's still a very popular shade even after being discontinued.

There's also the case of 616 Wink for Pink. This color was available in the formulas Creme and Pearl--which we have-- but they've both been discontinued and now you can only find Wink for Pink in what we assume is the creme version.

Something to note, most of the discontinued shades were dark and copper-like. This makes me think that it is a color that has slowly become less popular or substituted by gold or even mauve. Mauve is definitely a color that has taken over as a favorite in recent times.


Overall the premise of the Super Lustrous Lipstick collection and the reason why it's one of the world's most popular lipstick it's because of their advertising campaigns celebrating diversity. They encourage people with all kinds of skin tones to enjoy the colors and it has been that way for over 30 years. It's a relatively affordable lipstick, comes in a great variety of colors, keeps your lips moisturized, and lasts fresh for a good amount of time. You won't ever regret purchasing a couple of Super Lustrous Lipstick!


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