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We received great feedback from our last Exclusives blog post. A lot of you asked about the ColorStay Foundation line, so we decided to do a little research and bring you some much needed answers :)

The timeline above is a visual representation of the changes in packaging throughout the years. As you can see, the ColorStay line has a long history and has gone through a lot of changes – some minor, other very drastic.

Let's break it down and look at them one by one!


Revlon has always been one step ahead of trends. They were one of the first cosmetic brands to offer a wide variety of shades with their foundations.
The first instances of Revlon ColorStay foundation promised up to 16 hours of wear with SPF 6.


The next change in the ColorStay Foundation line happened in early 2000s. They did away with the gold  stripes and logo for a much simpler (and we assume) more affordable look, all black text and cap. 

As far as we know, the formula didn’t change and the glass bottles still held 35 ml of product.

2008 & 2009

The biggest change in the ColorStay line didn’t come until 2008. Revlon introduced two  different formulas, one for Combo/Oily Skin  (solid black cap) and another for  Normal/Dry Skin (transparent cap.) The new bottles held a little less product. 

From the time of its release up until today, this  version of the product is considered the holy grail of foundations by a lot of people. Some call it the “cult” foundation because its ability to stay put all-day is legendary. 

The first instance of the product didn’t have SPF, but a year later, they included it. The formula was still 16hrs wear, but rumor has it that by the end of 2011 some bottles had a new 24hrs formula.

2011 & 2012

By the end of 2011 there was talk of a new 24 hrs ColorStay formula. This was later confirmed by the actual product hitting the shelves in 2011.

The new ColorStay Foundation was no longer powered by the SoftFlex technology, which made the formula less matte and more satin. 

This new formula had SPF 15 (Combo/Oily) and SPF 20 (Normal/Dry.)

2015 & 2016

After the introduction of their new 24hrs formula, it didn’t seem like Revlon could innovate their product further. But then new bottles with pumps were introduced and we know how much you love them! The first bottles with pump to hit the shelves in 2015 still had the same 2012 formula. But by 2016, a whole new bottle with a brand new formula was released. 

This new formula contained a new all-mineral sunscreen with titanium dioxide. The bottle also got a makeover in way of how the text looks.


New fancy look! As you can see the new Revlon ColorStay now has not only two different formulas but they both had different finishes.


There’s a mysterious ColorStay foundation that may or may not have been released in 2017. It was called ColorStay Stay Natural. The bottle was thinner and the cap had a round top. 

Revlon’s 2010 brand ambassador for ColorStay was Jessica Alba. Revlon’s 2012 brand ambassador for ColorStay was Olivia Wilde. Revlon’s 2018 brand ambassador for ColorStay was Gal Gadot.


The ColorStay foundation has gone through a lot of changes that has improved it more and more over the years. This collection is a good example of great product development. Revlon didn't just repackage the same formula and gave it different looks. They actually tried different things to improve the quality of the formula and handling of the product.

Which version of ColorStay is your favorite? Let us know this or any questions you might have here:

24th Jan 2019

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