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Ever wondered why your favorite REVLON foundation has changed so much over the years? We were curious about it too, so we decided to get some answers for you. Here are the results of our research!

The timeline above is a visual representation of the changes the Age Defying line has had through the years. When put next to each other like this, is very easy to see how different the product looks today.

Let's break it down some more and talk about each individual product.

Revlon Age Defying Foundation (All Day Lifting)

The earliest commercial promoting this line of makeup dates back to late 90s-early 2000s. Actress Julianne Moore was its endorser at the time. However, we know for a fact that this design with a black pump came out after the original package, which had NO pump. The original package had two gold stripes under the black cap.

This packaging with pump was introduced as an anti-aging foundation for all skin types, while the previous version didn't specify which skin type it was for.

Revlon Age Defying Makeup with Botafirm

The next release in the Age Defying line saw a packaging change as well as a formula change. Revlon decided to do away with the all-black look and decided to use red instead. This new formula added a new anti-aging component called Botafirm. It is also the only version of the packaging that doesn’t have a pump.

Besides changing the packaging completely, Revlon also decided to create different versions of the formula for different skin types. The first version was for Combination/Oily skin. Later on, they changed that to say All Skin Types instead. They also released a dark red cap bottle catering to dry skin customers only.

The item creating a product specific to one's skin type was a good one but going from a pump bottle to one without, not so much.

Revlon Age Defying Cream Makeup with DNA Advantage

After the release of the Botafirm version, Revlon released yet another version of the Age Defying Foundation. This version had a DNA Advantage formula and it was paired up with a concealer and powder – all part of the same collection with DNA Advantage.

The new packaging introduced a bottle with pump once again and a swirly design inside – a DNA-like chain. The formula was in cream form, not liquid like previous versions were.

Revlon Age Defying Firming + Lifting Makeup

With the next release in the collection Revlon changed a lot of things. There was another packaging re-design, a formula change, as well as a new name.

The Firming + Lifting formula goes back to being liquid, with a pump, and for all skin types. With this one, Revlon combined the Botafirm formula with the DNA to create the Triple Lift Complex.

Revlon Age Defying 3X Foundation SPF 20

This is Revlon’s most recent product in the Age Defying line. Everything that the Firming + Lifting was, but with a new name and a higher SPF protection. The same colors from the previous release were kept, as well as the Triple Lift Complex (hence the 3X.)

We think that it might be possible that they decided to add the ‘X’ because of Revlon’s other anti-aging collection called Youth FX.


Did you know that in 2009 Revlon introduced a new Age Defying Foundation called Age Defying Spa Foundation?

This foundation came in a tube and it was a creamy formula with SPF 18. They also released a concealer and an illuminator under this same collection name. The foundation wasn’t that well-received, which is why by 2010 Revlon introduced the Age Defying Makeup with Botafirm.

It would seem as though Revlon has tried many different ways to present the same product to the public and through trial and error they have found the best format to do so successfully.

Which version of the Age Defying foundation is your favorite? Let us know this or any questions you might have here:

26th Oct 2018

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