6 makeup tips and essentials for transitioning from summer to fall!

Today is the last day of August, and all we can think about with September starting tomorrow is fall! Yes, we know fall doesn’t officially start until September 23, but we love fall styles and makeup trends, so we’re ready to start planning and trying out new looks now! It is sad to see summer go, because summer is such a fun time to incorporate bright, bold, and glowing colors into your makeup look. But, this fall you can definitely have just as much fun - check out our tips on how to transition your makeup look from summer to fall!


When the weather starts turning cooler and drier, your skin may not have that natural moisture and glow that it had during the summer. If you have been using lightweight BB creams or powders during the summers, it might be time to switch to a higher coverage and creamier foundation that will give you added moisture, prevent dryness, and also even out complexion to give back the flush of color you had naturally during the summer. 

The Revlon Age Defying Cream Makeup with DNA Advantage is perfect for fall no matter what your age, because it is packed wit Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, and West Indian Cherry Extract that helps maintain your skin’s water balance, allowing it look and feel healthier and softer. It also has a special formula that helps even out skin tone and firm your skin, and is also packed with an SPF of 20, because UV rays are still very much present despite cloudy skies.

If you’re looking for something a little more airy and lightweight, while still giving more coverage than a powder or BB cream, try the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. Wearing matte makeup is perfect for fall because it will appear more natural, as your skin doesn’t have as much luminescence as it would in the summer. It’s air-soft and super blendable, and leaves a velvety matte finish that will counteract any appearance of dry, flaky skin.


Who doesn’t love the natural rosy flush of cheeks from the cooler weather? But, what if you want that look to last all day even when you’re inside? You may have worn more pinky blush shades in the summer, but now it’s time to transition into slightly darker blush shades, and the Loreal Magic Smooth Souffle Blush has four perfect fall shades to match with every skin type. 


As the seasons change, we all know too well that the colors take a shift from bright pinks, yellows and blues, to darker and more cozy reds, oranges and greens. But should your lipstick shades change? Here are the top lipstick shades for fall 2015:

Burnt sienna
Brick red

We went ahead and picked out our favorite options for each of these fall trends from the Loreal Colour Riche Lipstick:

The great thing about having general lipstick shade trends is that you can just use it as a basic guide, and find a lip color that works best for your style and skin tone. You can find the right shade for you in a long lasting lipstain, creamy lipstick, or rich gloss!


This summer our go-to eye look consisted of lots of nudes, shimmery golds, and light colors, so for fall, we are totally going to go for darker colors and bold shadow looks. Purples, browns, greens and of course dark charcoals are totally on trend for fall 2015, and the Loreal Infallible Eye Shadow Crayon has these shades and more in super rich and pigmented formulas that blend easily so you can mix and match for experimenting with fall looks.


Just like with lipcolors, it’s time to shelf your favorite summer nail polish shades and swap them out for darker colors. With nail color you can definitely stay a little more true to the traditional fall colors you think of like oranges and greens than you can with your lips, but then you can also go bold with rich reds, deep purples, silvers, and even glossy blacks. Here are our favorite fall shades from Revlon’s Nail Enamel


Because fall is cooler and drier than summer, your skin become naturally drier also, which is why using a moisturizing is so important to use during this time, on both your face and body. The Loreal Youth Code Day/Night Cream Moisturizer is perfect for your face because you can apply it in the morning and wear it over night, and not only does it hydrate and moisturize, but it makes your skin appear more luminous and also leaves a velvety smooth finish. For your body, try the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Body Treatment. It is an intense moisturizer that works for 8 hours to leave your skin soft and smooth and reverse any dryness and flaking. Smooth, moisturized skin is the key to perfecting the rest of your makeup, so don’t leave this step out of your routine!

31st Aug 2015

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