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BuyMeBeauty Exclusives: Rimmel Lip Colour

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The next time you visit Europe, specially any Mediterranean country, make sure to ask for rimmel at any makeup store. You might be surprised when the clerk comes back with mascara, not necessarily the Rimmel brand.

Rimmel London was founded in the 1834 by chemist Eugene Rimmel. It started out as a perfumery but throughout the years it began manufacturing all sorts of cosmetics, including their famous mascara. Rimmel was the first cosmetic company to mass produce what we know as mascara today hence the reason why the term "rimmel" has been adapted into the language to mean "mascara". Similar to Kleenex or Post-it Notes in the US.

In 1996 Rimmel was bougth by Coty, Inc an American company.

With such a long history of successful cosmetics that became iconic like the mascara, it's logical to think that the company has gone through a lot of changes and discontinued a lot of their products. Instead of focusing on their mascara, we've decided to take a look at their lip products. See below!

Moisture Renew Lipstick

The Moisture Renew lipstick was a very popular choice from day one. Promoted by well-liked models such as Kate Moss and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, amont others, the lipstick quickly became a must-have. The bullet-shaped tip delivered long-lasting color with all-day hydration and SPF protection. Colors kept changing with the seasons but the popularity did not. In Fall of 2014, Rimmel decided to change things up a bit and repackaged their popular lipstick with new formula and colors.

While the 2008 version had a short cap the new 2014 version has a long cap that covers the whole lipstick. Visually, it makes the tub seem thinner, and longer, but the truth is that it's just a visual effect. Both versions have the same length and content. What really changed was the formula; colors were remixed and given new names. The new formula is creamier and even more long-lasting than its predecessor. All colors were discontinued except 200 Latino which stayed relatively the same shade and was changed to being simply, Latino.

Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay Lip Gloss

The best makeup is one that not only makes you look great but also stays put.There nothing more upsetting than faded colors, shiny skin, and stickiness due to short-lived makeup. The Kiss & Stay lip gloss did exactly what it was meant to do, kiss and stay put! The formula lasted up to 10 hours through food, drinks, and the longest of kisses. Colors were lovely and creamy while the top coat added a beautiful glass-like shine with a pinch of pink undertone.

Just like with the Moisture Renew, by 2014 Rimmel discontinued production of Kiss & Stay and presented a new, much improved formula called Provocalips. This new formula lasts up to 16 hours, colors range from dark to vibrant boldness, lightweight and smooth.

Other discontinued lip products by Rimmel

Lasting Finish Colour Rush Intense Color Balm

From the Lasting Finish product line there was a collection of crayon pencils very, very similar to Revlon's Crayon balms.The Colour Rush Intense Color Balm. These twist-up jumbo pencils were balm-like lip stains very easy to use but they didn't stay around long. Even though they were being promoted as "balms" they were highly pigmented and depending on your skin tone, changed color to different shades than advertised. Could this have been the main reason to discontinue it?

Moisture Renew Lip Gloss

From the Moisture Renew line there was a very unique lip gloss that promised up to 95% hydration. It did have a silky, smooth texture that kept lips moist and protected but not for too long. It was a nice "go to the grocery store and back" kind of gloss but some of the colors were memorable. Rimmel now has other lip glosses that last a lot longer like the Stay Glossy 6-hr lip gloss.

Something curious I find about Coty, the company that owns Rimmel, is their lack of creative package ideas. Most of Rimmel's cosmetic packaging are reminiscent of or very similar-looking to other products already on the market. This might be a reason why products like their Crayon balm or the Lasting Finish lip gloss were discontinued, because they weren't different enough to stand out.

Something interesting to know, there's a cosmetic brand also owned by Coty called Manhattan that happens to have glosses and mascaras that look exactly like Rimmel's.


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