Pro makeup tips: how to get a red carpet look

How many of you guys watched the Emmys last night? We sure did! And just like all red carpet events, we were in love with the gorgeous makeup looks of all the celebrities! Celebrities definitely have a little help to create these flawless looks by their professional makeup artists, but with the right tips, anyone can recreate these looks! Here are the key trends we picked out to get a show-stopping, professional level makeup look: 1. Dewy skinNo matter who you saw on the red carpet, one thing th …
21st Sep 2015

Makeup on a budget: How to get a flawless look without breaking the bank

We all know that splurging on a makeup shopping spree is every makeup lover’s dream, but depending on how much you love your makeup, it could get a little pricey! There are always so many fun, new products that come out that you feel like you need to try, but how can you keep all the fun of trying new products and makeup shopping if you’re on a budget? We’ve got some tips that we think will be super helpful for all you budget-conscious makeup lovers out there! 1. Buy drugstore brands instead of …
18th Sep 2015

Confused about contouring? Tips + Essentials you need to know!

For the past couple of years, contouring has been a makeup trend that everybody cannot stop talking about. You see those crazy before and after pictures of beauty gurus showing their face before applying makeup, with the makeup on but now blended (which always totally looks like clown makeup!), and then looking totally gorgeous, but somehow different than their natural face, once they have blended and finished their look. But does contouring only work when you take it to the extreme? No!Contouri …
14th Sep 2015

Master the Perfect Smoky Eye: The Ultimate How-To!

Creating the perfect smoky eye is probably one of the hardest makeup tricks to master. Between choosing the right eye shadow shades to pair together, to actually applying the entire look all the way down to the mascara, it isn’t an easy process. But we think that if you’re armed with the right makeup, the application comes so much easier! First off, every good makeup look starts with a primer. Primers allow you to create an even base to apply your makeup, allowing it to last much longer an …
6th Aug 2015

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