Makeup Under The Mask: Tips & Recommendations

Welcome back to a new edition of the BuyMeBeauty blog. The world is slowly, but surely, going back to normal. Businesses are re-opening, people are going back to work, toilet paper is back on the shelves (what a relief!), and we’re all slowly getting back to our everyday lives. However, it feels like some things won’t be back to normal just yet.

Wearing a face mask is still highly recommended as a form of protection against the spread of COVID-19. So how does that work with your makeup?

It’s not easy to wear makeup under a face mask. Especially those made out of cloth. You’ve probably noticed that the heat trapped inside causes your foundation to slowly melt away and when your cheeks rub against the insides of the mask you end up making a mess. Same thing happens with your lipstick. So unless you have an insurmountable amount of disposable face masks, it might not be a great way to go in the long-term.

But worry not, BuyMeBeauty is here to give you some tips. We'll be focusing on Eye Makeup but specifically, our new Rimmel London eye makeup.

Focusing on your eyes is the smartest way to go when it comes to combining a face mask with makeup. Why? You ask. Simple, the face mask doesn’t cover your eyes! (ba-dum tss)


Some may argue that grooming and sculpting your eyebrows everyday is the hardest part of any makeup routine. We think that the secret, however, relies solely on the tools you use and how easy they are to manage. For beginners this could be the make or break of the whole ordeal.

So what do you need for the perfect eyebrows? It depends on your eyebrow needs. We’re using our new Rimmel eye makeup to give you an example of what to look for.

Unruly thick brows?

Use a styling gel. Of course keeping your brows groomed and well-kept makes the process easier, but for thick brows with abundant hair this can be tricky. Style your brows just like you would the hair on your head.

Rimmel’s Lightweight Brow Styling Gel is a gel-like formula with a hint of color that will tame the unruliest of brow hairs and set them neatly back in place. It comes with a mascara-like applicator for ease of use. All you need to do is coat your brows with the product and slowly brush outwards as you sculpt a uniform shape.


Patchy brows?

Use a pomade pencil. This type of product combines the versatility of a pencil with a formula that feels like a sculpting wax with a creamy texture.Fixing patchy brows can be a real pain if you can’t find a color that completely matches your own. But you can play around with the shades closest to it to create the definition you need.

Rimmel’s Pomade Creamy Pencil is a crayon-like pencil that fills in color in one stroke. The formula is super pigmented and creamy. It will adhere to the finest of hairs for an instant fuller look that blends naturally. This pencil does require sharpening but it’s totally worth the inconvenience when you think about the benefits: 24 hours wear, high pigmentation and ease of use thanks to its big size.


Sparse brows?

Use a sculpting brow definer. Having sparse brows can be the result of many things, the natural process of aging being one of them. You need a reliable eyebrow pencil with high pigmentation and precision in order to shape, fill, and sculpt your eyebrows back to life.

Rimmel’s Fill & Sculpt Eyebrow Definer is a dual-ended pen with a retractable tip in a unique triangular shape. Use the upper tip of the triangle to trace, then use the entire tip to fill in color as necessary. The triangular shape will help you reach difficult areas in an even manner. This creamy color is buildable which helps a lot when you’re not sure how much color you need or how intense you want it.



Now that your eyebrows are looking flawless, we can move on to the star of the show: your eyes. So what are your options here. Hundreds if not thousands actually. Take your pick of any eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. But to help you out, here are some suggestions from our new arrivals.

Rimmel Wonder'Proof 24 Hr Waterproof Eyeliner

Now that you’re relying on your eyes to completely express your emotions, it’s the time for intense, bold choices. This highly pigmented eyeliner has a beautiful glossy finish that will truly last you all day. Rain or shine. Creating the perfect lines it’s super quick thanks to its flock-tip applicator. The lightweight formula makes it feel like you’re not wearing anything. And of course it’s easy to remove with eye makeup remover.


Rimmel Magnif'Eyes 12 pan Eye Shadow Palette

Now for the fun part, eyeshadow! Experiment and get creative with this beautiful 12-pan palette. These versatile shades can be used as both eyeshadow and eye contouring. On top of that, they have been expertly selected to suit all skin tones. The Colour Edition palette features a combination of shimmering shades and mattes to help you in the creative process. Color lasts all day and will not crease.



Last but not least are the blinds to your windows… or something. Your lashes! Depending on the look you’re going for, there are all kinds of different mascaras apt for the job. Take a look at these recommendations from our new in-stock Rimmel mascaras.

Curled and Pretty

Sometimes all you need is a little volume and color. Something comfortable that will stay on until you remove it. For that we recommend Rimmel’s 100% Waterproof Mascara. This lengthening formula will give your lashes a fuller look instantly. The formula is suitable for sensitive eyes so it offers all-day comfort and most importantly, maximum water-resistance. It’s the perfect beach day mascara.


Drama Queen Mode On

If you’re looking to get a super intense lash look we recommend Rimmel’s ScandalEyes Reloaded Waterproof Mascara. This mascara is infused with flexible polymers that coat your lashes in a single stroke for extreme volume without clumps. On top of that is humidity-proof, smudge-proof, and all-proof. But still easy to remove with eye makeup remover.


Give Me Some Color!

What if I told you that by using Rimmel’s Volume Colourist Mascara you could permanently tint your lashes overtime? This product is amazing. It has a unique lash tint complex with high-intensity pigments that adheres to your bare lashes and darkens them in just two weeks! Now you can double the intensity with and without mascara.




Rimmel was founded by Eugène Rimmel as a perfumery in 1834. It was known as “The House of Rimmel” and while active the business created a variety of cosmetic products including its world-famous mascara. The mascara became so popular that some European countries adopted the use of the word Rimmel to refer to mascara in general. Sort of like how the brand Post-It has replaced the use of the term “sticky notes” for some.

Rimmel is now owned by Coty. Inc. Who also owns Sally Hansen, CoverGirl, Clairol, and more.

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12th Jun 2020

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