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In our last "Learn About" blog we learned about types of eyeliner. This time, we're going to show you the difference between all those foundation finishes you keep hearing about. We're sure you'll be an expert by the end of reading this post :)

Let's start!

Let's talk about the history of makeup foundation a little bit first. The concept of makeup foundation can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. These ancient societies would use a chalk-like substance known as white lead to give their complexions a fairer color. Little did they know that this chalk was actually poisonous and had permanent side effects on humans such as hair loss and skin discoloration.

Regardless, this poisonous chalk (later named Venetian ceruse) kept being used throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance, up until the 19th century. After people finally noticed the deadly properties of the white chalk, it was time to come up with a new solution. Thus a new formula commonly called greasepaint was born.

With the introduction of color television in 1930's, American beautician Max Factor created an innovative powder that would replace greasepaint -- it was called Pan-Cake Powder Foundation. This foundation was meant to give actors a more natural look on the screen. 

Around the same time, liquid foundation came to be as well in a most peculiar manner. Women were tired of wearing stockings so beauticians started developing "leg makeup" to even out the skin tone there. From these formulas the long-lasting, waterproof liquid makeup we know today was soon developed.

Main finishes


This type of finish is basically a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen -- sometimes called a BB or CC cream. It's the most natural, lightweight finish there is, which is why is recommended for clear skin with minor imperfections. If you're having a good skin day, this type of finish is perfect for a natural look.

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The dewy finish is a beautiful finish that makes your skin naturally glow. This glow gives it a wet-like look that a naturally-moisturized skin would normally irradiate. This type of finish is perfect for dry skin and especially perfect for mature skin, since it gives the skin a youthful radiance.

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The Satin finish is one of the most commonly used types. It's very versatile, since it neither too dewy not too matte. A perfect in-between finish that works for all skin types. It does feel a little heavier on the skin, but cosmetologists have improved upon this over the years coming up with lighter formulas.

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The matte finish has no shine and dries very flatly. It's the perfect foundation finish for oily and combination skin types, since it covers imperfections fully and minimizes pores. Dry and mature skin types should stay away from this kind of finish since the formula will only accentuate problem areas even more.

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Other finishes


The natural finish isn't too different from the sheer. It is usually marketed as BB Creams, which are a Korean import that have become popular in the west in recent years. Whenever you see this mention on the product just think of it as another word for sheer coverage.

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The radiant finish is just an overpowered dewy finish. It gives your skin an ultra-luminous appearance. This type of finish is usually formulated with anti-aging foundations since mature skin will benefit the most from it.

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The semi-matte finish is a fairly new introduction. It's a dewy-like matte finish that gives your skin a velvety-soft feel. It's perfect for combination skin because it helps control oil without accentuating imperfections caused by dry skin.

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The ultra-matte finish it's just a powered-up matte foundation with extreme oil control properties. It's a full coverage foundation that completely hides your pores and dries smooth and flat. It's obviously made for extra oily skin.


What's the perfect foundation finish for your skin type? We hope this blog has made that answer very clear for you and you have an excellent time purchasing foundation next time ;)

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28th Feb 2019

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