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Most people think NYX (pronounced Niks) is a new up-and-coming drugstore brand. But it might surprise you to know that they've actually been around for over 20 years. Shocking, right?

NYX was founded in 1999 by Toni Ko, a Korean-American living in Los Angeles. She founded the company when she was 25 years old with a loan from her parents. She named the brand “NYX” after the Greek goddess of the night.

At first the company only sold jumbo-sized eye pencils (still selling today in a variety of colors) to beauty professionals. Later on, Ko expanded sales to mass-market stores and her products were marketed as “department store quality products at drugstore prices.”

With its impactful social media marketing campaigns (they partnered with a lot of YouTubers), NYX quickly gained popularity with sales at $120 million in 2014.

Ko sold NYX to L’Oreal in 2014 for $500 million. The brand is now under a different management as part of L’Oreal and it’s considered a cruelty-free, high-end brand with affordable prices. In 2016 NYX reported a sales growth of 4.7%.

Today, NYX has a number of budget-friendly beauty stores devoted to selling only NYX cosmetics. They launched their own online beauty community in 2018, a platform they use to showcase their products and offer tutorials to customers. 

NYX's success can be attributed to their close relationship with online influencers. These beauty bloggers, YouTubers and reviewers spread the word and created a solid ground for NYX to walk on. 

Here at BuyMeBeauty we have over 30 different NYX products with a variety of colors. Most of the makeup we have has been discontinued or will be discontinued very soon.

Take a look at our Top 5 picks!

1. NYX HD Foundation

The formula in this foundation has light-diffusing properties that make your skin look flawless under different light conditions. It is the perfect foundation to wear on a day you know you'll be taking lots of pictures since it will make your face look fresh and natural.

You can buy it here

2. NYX Velvet Matte Lipstick

If you're looking for vivid matte colors that last and feel soft on your lips. This lipstick is for you. Each shade has an extremely good color payoff and last through food and drinks pretty well.

You can buy it here

3. NYX Cheek Contour Duo Palette

This collection of duo palettes is the perfect tool to expertly add some color to your cheeks. Even if you don't know how to contour, this palette is really easy to use and it will give your cheeks a very natural-looking, sun-kissed tan. 

You can buy it here

4. NYX Infinite Shadow Stick

These eye shadow sticks will make your life so much easier. Two swipes of this pencil will add a strong pop of color to your lids with a beautiful shimmery finish. The color lasts for hours without smudging. You can use it to go anywhere!

You can buy it here

5. NYX Color Mascara

Who says you can only paint your lashes a darker black? NYX has always encouraged customers to make bold color choices and this color mascaras are no different. From purple to brown, try them all!

You can buy it here


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2nd Aug 2019

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