Halloween Makeup 2021

Halloween Makeup 2021

Yay, it's already pumpkin season! Yes, we know. You can't believe it either, haha. But it's true. It's already October and we're here to give you some ideas that will inspire you to go all out on the spookiest night of the year.

Whether you're taking the kids (or grand-kids) trick-or-treating or just celebrating in general. Here are some looks you can easily put together for the occasion.

First up!

You can never go wrong going as a vampire for Halloween. Add a couple of special makeup effects to it and you can have a killer look *pun intended*.


The most important part of this look is definitely the eye area. Create this smoky, elegant look with shades of metallic red eye shadow and black/silver.

  1. Start off with a black or dark silver eye shadow as your base. Apply it to your lids.
  2. Color the crease in a dark shade of metallic red.
  3. Then color the brow bone in a lighter shade of red.
  4. Make sure to apply shadow all around including tear-duct and under the lower lash line.
  5. Blend colors as needed.
  6. Don’t forget to line your eyes with the darkest eyeliner you have!

Pro Tip: Put on some false lashes for a dramatic touch!

To create the pattern of veins under the eyes, we recommend using a crayon-like eyeliner. This type of tip will give you more control and make it easier to create faint lines.


For the lips, start off with your favorite metallic red lipstick and top it off with a clear lip gloss to give it a shiny wet, "recently-fed" look, haha.

Pro Tip: You can use a liquid lipstick to add the blood.


Finish off your look with dark red nail polish!

Pro Tip: Use that same red polish to smear your hands with "blood" ;)

Product Recommendations:

999 Eternal Black

02 Fiery Metallic

602 I Heart You

510 Black Comet

Eyelure Luxe Lashes

830 Burgundy

05 Passionate

01 Clear Vinyl

480 Autumn Berry

Lots of people find dolls creepy. For instance, think about all those horror movies with possessed dolls in them. In addition, characters that look like they belong in a psychiatric hospital are also creepy. Thus, we present to you an easy look that combines both elements.


  1. Start with a powder white eyeshadow on your lids, crease and brow bone.
  2. Then, apply that same white shadow around your tear-duct and under the lower lash line.
  3. Line your upper and lower lash line with a white liner.

The white liner will make your eyes look huge and give them that crazed look we're looking for.

Next, comes the fun part that truly accentuates this concept, false lashes!

  1. Stack two layers of falsies on your upper lash line. It doesn't have to be perfect. The messier it looks the better!
  2. And make sure to place another one on your lower lashes. This is important!

Pro Tip: Add some freckles with a liner for a pinch of cuteness. Then, color your brows and make them look really thick to complete the look!

Lips & Cheeks

Finish off your look with an intense blush in a mauve/pink hue. And don't forget the doll-like lips.

To create the doll lips:

  1. Use a lip liner to shape your lips.
  2. Then color inside with a lipstick.

Product Recommendations:

Eylure Pre Glued

150 Charmed

970 Polished White

03 White Pearl

12 Essential

18 Peony

Another Halloween classic! This look is all about bold dark colors and it's very versatile. You can pair it with a variety of Halloween characters.


Note the key point of this look: that colored waterline.

  1. Start off with a smoky shadow look. Preferably, a combination of dark hues like blues and greys.
  2. Line your upper lash line with an intense black liner.
  3. Then, color the lower lash line with a bright eyeliner.
  4. Finish off with your favorite dark mascara.

Pro Tip: Give your look a spin with color mascara!

Lips & Cheeks

For light skin tones: Accentuate your cheek bones with a shade of blush that's much darker than your natural shade.

For darker skin tones: Highlight your cheekbones with a neutral highlighter or translucent blush.

Product Recommendations:

175 Dark Slate

605 Lustrous Sapphire

L'Oreal La Palette

978 Smoked Silver

11 Taupe

240 Blackest Black

What's your favorite Halloween look? Let us know here

15th Oct 2021

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