Do The Beauty Safely: Tips and Product Recommendations

Amid growing concerns of COVID-19's spread, now more than ever it's important to take action. The World Health Organization has released a PSA campaign called "Do The Five" in an effort to educate people on how they can help stop Coronavirus. 

1 HANDS - Wash them often
2 ELBOW - Cough into it
3 FACE - Don't touch it
4 FEET - Stay more than 3ft apart
5 FEEL - sick? Stay home

BuyMeBeauty wants to share a list with you as well with beauty tips and makeup application safety measures. We've called this list "Do The Beauty Safely."

1. Wash hands before applying makeup. 

As we all know, the first thing medical experts recommended was to wash hands constantly. The virus can live in some hard surfaces such as plastic and steel for up to 3 days, so it's assumed that many things we touch could be contaminated. These germs can then enter your body via eyes, nose and mouth.

By now your hands are probably dry and rough from all this hand washing, so make sure you stay hydrated and use hand soap with moisturizer. You can also apply hand cream after each washing.

Some ingredients to look for are: Vitamin E, salicylic acid, glycolic, hyaluronic acid, wax-based products, and fruit-based ingredients. Lotions are also recommended over creams because they have more water in them.

You can find our hand creams here. Or shop moisturizers here.

2. Wash makeup applicators thoroughly.

In order to apply makeup, touching your face is inevitable. That's why practicing #1 before applying makeup is very important. Just as important as keeping your makeup tools clean.

Wash everything with soap and warm water with a little 70% rubbing alcohol. Use a cotton swab to reach difficult areas or dedicate an eyebrow brush just to remove residue. Make sure to wash that brush right after as well. Apply the same 20 second rule (or sing Happy Birthday 3 times!) and then rinse earnestly.

You can also switch to disposable makeup sponges for awhile or find antibacterial brushes. These brushes are naturally antibacterial thanks to the mineral-based materials they were made with.

We have a Bare Escentuals brush that's perfect for this. Find it here.

3. Wash off makeup with antibacterial makeup removers.

Makeup removers are a good source of vitamins and antioxidants. A lot of these formulas have humectants and even a little alcohol to keep your skin squeaky clean and moisturized. Erno Laszlo has many soaps with skin-perfecting properties that are also antibacterial. Wash off germs and get skin benefits while you're at it! Find Erno Laszlo soaps here.

It's also worth mentioning that there are many products with antibacterial properties that can protect your face. A lot of anti-acne makeup fights bacteria thanks to doses of salicylic acid and benzoyl. Which are also exfoliants that remove dead skin to promote regrowth. Use products that will protect your skin from harmful bacteria and keep it hydrated too.

Shop our best makeup removers here or input the term "anti bacteria" in our search bar.

4. Close makeup containers tightly.

It has been recently discovered that the virus can survive in the air for a half-hour. That's why it's important to close makeup containers tightly and clean the outside of it before and after every use. If you're on-the-go, try to re-apply your makeup in private with the use of a hand-mirror or your car's visor mirror to prevent others around you from contaminating the contents.

5. Don't share makeup.

This one is a MUST and should be a common practice ALL the time. It's not hygienic to use someone else's makeup regardless. Don't even share it with your family or closest friends. Specially not now, during these difficult times, it's important to not share cosmetics, food, cellphone, bottles, and other personal items. Just as important as keeping a safe distance from others around you.

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BuyMeBeauty is closely following authorities and government officials to guarantee the safety of our customers and employees. We're taking every precaution to keep our warehouse facility and offices disinfected to ensure uninterrupted service. Recent studies have found that the virus can't live more than a day on cardboard surfaces. But nonetheless we clean our facilities and equipment repeatedly throughout the day and all of our employees have been given the proper instructions to protect themselves and others. 

We are all in this together and we will overcome it together.

Any questions or concerns please contact or call us at 954-568-7150

19th Mar 2020

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