BuyMeBeauty's Top 7 Best-sellers from the past

Oh, no! It's that time of the year again. There’s lots of jolly but just as much craziness! Perhaps you’ve realized that you’ve procrastinated with some gifts, but don’t worry, we bet you’ve already checked your shopping list twice and made sure everyone has a present. Maybe it's time for a break – or a glass of eggnog ;)

The holiday season brought up a feeling of nostalgia for us at BuyMeBeauty. Reminisce with us about old times!

In the list below you'll find our Top 7 most popular discontinued items from years ago. These items are extremely difficult to find today (possibly gone forever!)

Take a look if you're curious.



Maybelline Expert Eyes Twin Brow & Eyes in Charcoal

Possibly one of Maybelline's most popular pencils, this little guy has been around since the early 70's and it's still around – somewhat. The formula is very long-lasting for a non-waterproof pencil and some might say its simplicity is its charm.

BuyMeBeauty has 4 different shades in stock, but Charcoal used to be our most popular shade. Customers often told us, even today, how much they loved this Charcoal color – how true to pigment it was and how versatile the pencil is. Charcoal is now discontinued and might have been replaced by Velvet Black. We miss it too ladies!



Revlon Eterna 27 6 oz

This mega popular Revlon cream, true to its name, has been around for quite sometime and it doesn't look like it'll go away anytime soon. Its intense moisturizing formula with Progenitin is a fan-favorite. Especially formulated to be used at night, this cream will make you feel like a million dollars the next morning. Your skin will be glowing and feel smooth, looking decades younger. Eterna 27 is Revlon's best well-kept secret. Sometimes you can find it online and sometimes you can't.

However, the Eterna 27 jar you can only find its smaller 2 oz version. A long time ago, possibly early 80's, they released a 6 Oz version that drew people to purchase in masses. Mostly because it was similarly priced to its smaller counterpart.

BuyMeBeauty used to have it in stock and it was a top-selling item for many years. Today, this jar is almost impossible to find and if you're lucky enough to find it, it's got a crazy expensive price on it.

Come on Revlon, we know you have more of those 6 Oz jars!



Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick in 590 Lilac Champagne

Moon Drops is one of Revlon's oldest, most well-known collections. They launched it in the early 50s with face creams for day and night use. It spawned a series of different products from face makeup to fragrances.

As you may already know, Moon Drops has gone through many color and packaging changes. BuyMeBeauty has lots of popular colors still in stock, but we can't ever forget 590 Lilac Champagne. This shade was extremely popular and it's still very sought out today. The color was very unique as it ranged from purple to hot pink depending on your skin tone or light source, a trait that became the source of its popularity.

Fun fact: There was a variety show from the late 1950's called "The Big Party" that often showcased tons of Revlon commercials hosted by Barbara Britton. Each episode was 90-minutes long!



Revlon Skin Lights Face Illuminator

This Revlon illuminator isn't 100% discontinued, but this specific packaging (as pictured) is. The formula has gone through drastic changes as well. It started out as a lotion for all skin tones, part of the Skinlights collection. Revlon released a couple of different versions, like the Candle Light Lotion which had a golden tube.

The product was later packed in a completely different packaging with a new collection name, Photoready Skinlights. And they did away with the "Lotion" part as the formula became creamier.

The original packaging somehow had more product in it and came with a freebie for lips.

Fun Fact: The Skinlights lotion also came in stick form. This version is highly priced on the Internet.



MaxFactor Pan Cake Makeup

MaxFactor's brand history is quite interesting. It started-out as a high-end brand catering to actors and actresses. The brand developed an incredible line called Panchromatic that was designed for black and white movies after the introduction of sound-on-film. It fought against the noisy carbon lights with tungsten lights, making actors look darker on screen.

After the development of Technicolor firm MaxFactor had to come up with a new formula since the previous one left a sheen on actors faces. This new development was called PanCake (initially called T-D.) and it became the forerunner of today's cake makeup.

This Pan Cake pan used to be very popular in our store and we still get many phone calls from customers asking for it. Unfortunately MaxFactor as a brand was discontinued in early 2010 in the United States. It can only be purchased overseas.

Fun Fact: Max Factor would put his makeup on actors and actresses himself.
Fun Fact 2: During World War II, Max Factor developed makeup shades used by the US Marine Corps in camouflaging faces.



Maybelline Brow Styling Gel

This gel is a true mystery. It's hard to pinpoint the exact date Maybelline came out with it but we're sure they have discontinued it completely now. The one in the picture is actually a more recent version –we think it came out late 2008– and possibly the predecessor of Brow Drama. BuyMeBeauty used to have three different colors in stock and customers often gave it great reviews.

Prior to color brow gels, Maybelline had a clear gel that was just that, a styling gel for unruly brow hair. It didn't fill nor color, it just kept everything tidy and in place.



MaxFactor Pan Stik Foundation

We already learned a little about MaxFactor's story from the previously mentioned item on this list, but we haven't talked about what made these products land on our Top 7.

MaxFactor's products have always had a unique high quality to them without being overly priced. When BuyMeBeauty used to have MaxFactor's products, customers would often tell us about how smooth and clean the makeup would set – regardless of their skin type. 

The packaging of both the Pan Cake and Pan Stik hasn't changed much over the years, but MaxFactor's logo has been giving the packaging a new look without actually doing much – less production costs.

Fun Fact: The reason why MaxFactor was discontinued in the U.S. was because Procter & Gamble – the company that owns the brand – wanted to focus their marketing efforts on their other brand, CoverGirl.

We hope this was a fun read for you and it helped you take a break from all the holiday anxiety :)

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Happy holidays from the BuyMeBeauty family!

20th Dec 2018

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