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We've established by now that one of the main reasons companies discontinue makeup is packaging. Most of the time all they want is a fresh start to get the customers excited again about their product. Some other times they also update their formulas to keep up with cosmetology advances. With Revlon's ColorStay EyeShadow we have a case of both; a package update and a new formula.

Let's take a look!

Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow was the original ColorStay eye shadow formula, back in 2007. Plenty of product with combined colors to get creative, plus their exclusive SoftFlex technology. SoftFlex was a huge part of Revlon products of the early 2000s. It basically promised a lightweight feel and buildable colors. 

The original 12 Hour Eye Shadow had a rectangular shape and came with two different brushes. A wide brush to apply color to the entire eye lid and a second, smaller, pointed brush to apply details and eye-line. Most of the colors in the line were transferred over to the 16 Hour line with new combinations. 

For example, 500 Addictive of the 16 Hour looks very similar to the 12 Hour's 317 Priceless Metals. 

We currently have 8 different shades available, all discontinued!

By 2012 the SoftFlex formula was a thing of the past. It's unclear whether if they got rid of SoftFlex altogether or if they just added the technology to all their products permanently. Regardless, the new formula promises to last up 16-hours and it's still the lightweight, buildable quality.

The tricky thing about Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow, it's that since 2012 colors have come and gone. We have over 15 shades available and most of them have been discontinued or re-mixed to different quad colors. Plus they have gotten rid of the numbers identifying the colors. It's safe to say that anything online with a number in front of the color for this specific eye shadow, it's been discontinued since Revlon doesn't market the colors with the numbers anymore.

For example, the 500 Addictive that we have has been discontinued and there's a new quad with the same name, different colors. The new 595 Harmonious colors have been rearranged in the quad and it looks a little different than ours (the original.) The 555 Moonlit that Revlon currently has also looks very different.

The new packaging is square but has the same amount of product. It also comes with a convenient dual-ended brush. Each tip serve the same purpose as previously mentioned. We think the dual-ended idea is way better than having two brushes but at the same time now the brush is a little too small.

Through-out the years Revlon has tried many different things. You may or may not remember the above discontinued eye shadows.

The Soft on Eyes loose shadow were two limited edition palettes inspired by watercolors. The formula is sheer, buildable powder with very casual colors. The packaging was very interesting because it actually did try to mimic a watercolor palette with its roundness and mixing spots.

The CustomEyes shadow were very similar to ColorStay, the color combinations too. There was a little for everybody from bold colors to more sophisticated ones. There were 4 eyeshadow colors and 1 eye liner. The brush was dual-ended just like the 16 Hour EyeShadow but way bigger and easier to use.

As you can see, Revlon's ColorStay journey with their eyeshadows was both about changing the formula and revamping the colors. The new package is much easier to carry around with you and the dual-ended brush is a life savior, just a little too small. All they need now it's to include a mirror and they'd have a winner!


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8th Mar 2018

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