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Revlon has a well-known reputation in the competitive makeup world. Founded in 1929 by brothers Charles and Joseph Revson and their chemist friend Charles Lachman, REVLON was born with a single product line, a nail enamel with an array of opaque shades, first of their own at the time. As of today, Revlon has developed over 10 different cosmetic lines branching out in different sub-companies popular around the world.

Let us talk about one of their most beloved lines, now discontinued completely, ColorBurst Lip Products.

You might remember that peculiar quilt-like pattern so prominent on every ColorBurst product up until 2013. That quilt pattern engraved on the cap was fairly popular at the time. Women everywhere liked the feel of it and thought it was cute. It definitely set Revlon apart from the competition for awhile.

However, something as detailed and sophisticated must have cost a small fortune to mass produce. Around 2011 Revlon got into some trouble with the PETA association forcing them to remove a lot of their products from the market. By 2013 they had pulled out of the Chinese market completely, causing a lot of stock losses. They came up with a new product not long after, a fresh start of sorts. Ultimately, they ended up removing their original ColorBurst Lipsticks, Lip Butters and Lip Glosses from the collection.

The ColorBurst Matte Balm and Lacquer Balm (2013) were based on a previously released product called Just Bitten Kissable, promoted at the time by actress Emma Stone. They simply re-branded the crayons and mixed new colors. Same effective formula, brand-new exciting colors!

ColorBurst Lipstick – 2010

Every makeup addict knows the quality of Revlon's lipsticks. They always deliver what they promise for half the prize of more sophisticated brands. A Revlon lipstick is your true drug store choice. With the release of ColorBurst Lipsticks, long-time fans and newbies alike were pretty delighted. The slick, black design with the innovative quilt-like engraving design on the outside was difficult to miss in your purse. Bullet-shaped bar with the word REVLON engraved on it, tightly closed for safe traveling, and over 20 shades to choose from. It was a beautiful marriage between matte and glossy.

However, Revlon has many other lip products such us Moon Drops and Super Lustrous plus their brand new line Ultra HD that are far more popular. While the ColorBurst appealed to many consumers, we assume the production cost vs sales made it not worth the hassle in comparison with their other lip products.

ColorBurst Lip Butter – 2011

There's always new makeup trends, be it in colors or the way it's applied. Balm-like lipsticks are one of those trends that never get old. A lipstick that does both, protect your lips and makes you look good is a must-have for any makeup lover. Revlon's ColorBurst Lip Butters were moisture-rich buttery lipsticks with highly pigmented shades. The signature quilt-like engraving in the cap still present this time colored to match the lipstick shade. The color payoff in this product was beautiful and could be build up to be subtle or bold.

What's interesting, is that even after discontinuing Revlon hasn't released anything as similar with their current products. We think it might be because their Crayon lipsticks already meet the requirements to be both balms and lipsticks and have a high pigmentation as well.

ColorBurst Lip Gloss – 2011

With the risen popularity of their new ColorBurst Lip line, no wonder Revlon also released Lip Glosses as well. These Lip Glosses had a very peculiar shimmer depending on the intensity of the color, the darker the color the more intense the shimmer. They were perfect for any occasion, could be worn by itself for a full glassy-shimmer effect or on top of lipstick to enhance the color. The color didn't take long to dry and was non-sticky and super easy to apply thanks to the plush applicator.

Similar to the lipsticks situation, Revlon has ColorStay and Super Lustrous lip glosses plus their new Ultra HD line this might have complicated the sales for ColorBurst Lip Glosses or it might have simply been a production cost cut.

ColorBurst Matte Lip Balm – 2013

This Matte Lip Balm along with its twin, Lacquer Balms were Revlon's comeback in 2013. Taking an already well-known product such as the Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stains and giving it a new name and colors was a smart move on their end. The new shades were well received and this product soared. These beautiful matte balm lipsticks have an impressive color payoff, incredible durability and keep your lips moisturize for almost a day –with a few re-touches–. The crayon design is cute, easy to use and doesn't require sharpening. You just twist up and apply, mistake proof!

Interestingly enough, Revlon didn't discard this product completely. They just re-branded yet again and currently sell it under Revlon Matte Lip Balm. That simple.

ColorBurst Lacquer Balm – 2013

This one went through the same re-branding process as its twin, the Matte Lip Balm. Using Just Bitten Kissable's design idea, Revlon launched shimmery version of the above mentioned balms. These lacquer balms are bright, sultry and perfect for any occasion. The color choices are fun and it's easy to apply and adapt to your skin tone. Same twist-up function, same color payoff, same wearability just different finish.

This one is also still available just as Revlon Lacquer Balm.

Just Bitten Kissable vs ColorBurst

As we've mentioned, both the Matte Lip Balms and the Lacquer Balms were based on the Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stains. The Just Bitten got popular quickly thanks to the fun crayon-like design and celebrity promotions. Below you'll find the colors included in the line and the package comparison. 

The one and only difference between the Just Bitten Lip Stain and the ColorBurst Matte and Lacquer Balms is simply their purpose and the colors available for each. The Just Bitten Lip Stain has been already discontinued but just like with the ColorBurst Balms it can be found as Revlon Lip Stain currently on their website.

Cosmetic companies are unpredictable. Basically, they go with the flow; conduct group studies, surveys, and constantly analyzes their audience to make sure they have the latest sort-out items. Their goal: to keep a budget and maximize sales. It's hard to pin-point the exact reason why a seemingly popular product would go discontinued but we can make fairly accurate educated guesses. You can rest assured that here at BuyMeBeauty we'll do our best to seek out your favorites until the end!

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21st Jul 2017

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