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We're back with a new edition of BMB Exclusives. This time we want to talk about one of Maybelline's longest running collections, Color Sensational. This collection has an extensive selection of lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip liners with a variety of textures. For this blog we're going to focus on their lipsticks.

As you may already know, Maybelline was founded in 1915 by a 19-year-old entrepreneur named Thomas Lyle Williams. What started off as a small mascara distributor quickly became the cosmetic corporation we know today thanks to a variety of celebrity sponsorship. Today, Maybelline is a subsidiary of French company, L'Oreal. They produce all sorts of cosmetics from mascara to foundation to lipstick.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the path they've taken with the Color Sensational Lipsticks. All these lipstick have the same packaging. Bullet shaped tip, metal base, and transparent cap with different colors to identify the line and/or finish.

The original Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor that came out around 2009 was meant to be a versatile collection. It came in all sorts of finishes and textures. Some were matte, others satin, other were balm, etc. It's safe to say that with so many different kinds of lipsticks, things got a little confusing which is why they decided to keep finishes and textures separate.

The line is still available for purchase but most colors from the original 2009 release have been discontinued or remixed and given a different name. They also changed the name from "Lipcolor" to "Lipstick". Here in BMB we have over 50 shades available, all discontinued!

The next three in the collection are completely discontinued. Maybelline does not produce them anymore and the only way to find them is online, if you're lucky. 

The Maybelline Color Sensational Pearls Lipcolor was a small collection of pastel, soft colors with a shimmery finish inspired by the look and feel of pearls. Hence the name. The colors aren't very vibrant but the hydrating formula makes them great tinted lip balms. We have 7 available for purchase! Since most people thought of them as lip balm-like they probably discontinued the line in favor of promoting their actual lip balms like Baby Lips.

Color Sensational High Shine was the complete opposite of Color Sensational Pearls. Were Pearls' colors were soft and shimmery High Shine's were mirror-like and very shiny. We have 8 shades available that range from corals to soft pinks. Regardless of the color, this formula delivers a glistening finish.
Based on the colors previously available and new additions to the Color Sensational line, we think High Shine has been replaced by the new Matte Metallics.

The last of the discontinued trio is Color Sensational Porcelain Lipcolor. This line had a very short life and it's very hard to find online these days. We have 2 shades available.This line, much like Pearls before it, offered a variety of soft colors but with a satin finish. The texture is silky and soft and the color has a decent staying power.
Based on previously available color we think this line has been replaced by Maybelline's new Color Sensational Rebel Bloom line, a collection of super-saturated pastels.

In 2013, Maybelline released the Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor. This line is currently one of their most popular ones. It is often compared to a similar line by MAC cosmetics. Although Maybelline's is much more affordable. We have 6 vibrant shades available on BMB. This line hasn't been discontinued but they did change the name to Vivids Matte Lipstick around two years ago. It actually reflects much better the new colors they've been adding. 

After Vivids, The Buffs were introduced. A line that's still being sold by Maybelline. Many colors has been discontinued since 2014 but the formula remains the same. It is basically a collection of nudes and browns with hydrating oils. We have 4 shades available.
This line has remained online because since 2014, nudes have become more popular. They're colors that flatter most skin tones easily.

Lastly, we have the newest additions to the Color Sensational Lipstick family–besides Rebel Bloom, Inti-Matte, and Creamy Matte–.

The Loaded Bolds offer, by far, the darkest shades of any Maybelline collection. It's a daring line with colors from Black berry to sapphire blue. A single swipe will last you hours and fade into a nice dark tint. We have 12 shades available!

The Matte Metallics are very much alike the discontinued High Shine line. The metal colors are mirror-like with a matter finish. The colors available are on the darker side as it seems to be the newest trend. We have 5 shades available.

Maybelline may have been a luxury brand back in the day, but they weren't ever not affordable. The Color Sensational lipsticks are considered "drug store" lipsticks and are still very well-liked. While the staying power is pretty good and the colors are highly-pigmented and bold, know that these lipsticks do not claim to be non-transferable.


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8th Feb 2018

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