8 Steps to Master the “No Makeup” Makeup Look

Enhancing your natural beauty with a subtle makeup look is a trend that will never go out of style. The “no makeup” makeup look is a perfect everyday makeup option, but it actually isn’t always as easy as it may seem. You want to make sure that you are still highlighting your features and bringing out your best when you have natural looking makeup, so we identified these 8 steps that will make sure your “no makeup” makeup look looks fresh and beautiful.

1. Illuminate your skin 

One of the most important features of a natural makeup look is illuminated, glowing skin. The Fusion Beauty IllumiFill Line Filling Luminizer with Amplifat is a lightweight, pink serum that you apply under your makeup with its special, easy to use roller ball applicator that brightens and highlights your skin. It has an AmpliFat complex with hyaluronic acid to also reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, so it will make your skin look extra smooth and beautiful. 

2. Lightweight is the way to go

A natural makeup look can be completely ruined by the wrong foundation - if you choose something that is too heavy or cakey, you won't look natural, but then again, you still want something that covers any imperfections and evens your skin tone. The Almay Smart Shade CC Cream Complexion Corrector is the perfect solution to having just the right amount of coverage. It covers imperfections, corrects discoloration, brightens your skin tone over time, and has an SPF of 35 to protect from harmful UV rays. And, it's oil free, which allows it to blend seamlessly with your skin.

3. Add a rosy/bronze glow

Just because you are trying to achieve a "no makeup" makeup look does not mean you should forget about blush or bronzer. You definitely need to add some color and glow to your face, so the Revlon Highlight Palette works great for giving you that glow in a natural way. It's a lightweight powder with 5 complimentary shades that blend together to highlight and contour your face while adding color. 

4. Brighten, brighten, brighten

We know we keep mentioning brightening, but that's because it is so important, especially around your eyes. Pick up the Almay Bright Eyes Eye Base and Concealer and use it to conceal and brighten your under eye circles/discoloration, and also to brighten your eyelids and provide a nice priming base for your eyeshadow. It will make such a noticeable difference that you will incorporate it into every makeup look. 

5. Soft eye color

Don't leave your eyes bare with your natural look - try an eyeshadow palette with colors that are meant to complement your eye color with neutral shades, like the Loreal Studio Secrets The One Sweep Eye Shadow in their naturals palette. There's one for every color, and all you have to do is make one sweep across your eyes with the specially contoured brush and you have an expertly coordinated eye shadow look!

6. Accentuate - don't over-define

With a natural look, you don't want eyeliner to be too bold or eyelashes to be too big - in other words, accentuate, but don't over-define. For an eyeliner, try the Almay Bright Eyes Liner/Highlighter Duo. It has soft, easily blendable color to naturally define your eyes, and on the other end of the pencil is a white highlighter to use in the corner of your eyes for some added highlighted definition without too much drama. For mascara, the Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara does a great job at giving your lashes clean definition without any clumping or colors that are too bold and dramatic. 

7. Perfect your brows

When keeping the rest of your makeup soft and subtle, you want to make sure that make your eyebrows look the best they can since they are a defining feature of your face- but don't go too bold! Use the Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Precise Shaping Sharpenable Pencil to fill in any gaps in your brows and even the color, and then flip the pencil over and use the specially designed triangle brush to blend it out for a natural, defined look.

8. Just a kiss of color

For this makeup look, you need to forget about heavy lipsticks or lip glosses and choose something that gives your lips a natural kiss of lightweight color - a.k.a. the Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick. The color is so soft and weightless with its translucent gel formula, and gives you just the right amount of color and shine. Plus, there's no waxes or oils so you know your lips will be looking au natural. 

27th Aug 2015

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