5 ways to get visibly fuller and more glamorous lips

Full and luscious lips are probably the most popular makeup trend right now. Some girls go to extreme lengths to get glamorously full lips (heard of the Kylie Jenner lip challenge??), but there are definitely ways to plump up your lips in a much safer, more natural way. You want full lips, but you definitely don’t want to look fake or unnatural. Check out these 5 super easy ways to get gorgeous, full lips!

Healthy lips = full lips

The first, and one of the most important ways to plump up your lips is to make sure your lips are healthy and moisturized! Chapped or dry lips can make it impossible to create a smooth, full lip color application, so you want to make sure that your lips are moisturized, smooth, and supple. The Sally Hansen Vita-A Lip Smoother contains Vitamin A and peptides to reduce the appearance of fine lines and fight signs of aging, and acai & pomegranate help your lips retain moisture all day long. It’s a super lightweight formula with a slight tint so you can either wear it by itself for a natural look or use it as a base for the rest of your lip color.

Plump them up!

If your lips are naturally very thin and you want more lasting fullness, try using this Loreal Collagen Filler Lip Contouring Treatment. It’s a two step process containing an anti-feathering cream and a plumping serum. The anti-feathering cream is applied around your lips to help redefine your natural lip line and smooth any unwanted fine lines. Then, apply the lip plumping serum all over your lips to help boost hydration and create visibly fuller lips instantly. The formulas are completely lightweight, non-sticky, and absorbs instantly so you don’t have to worry about it interfering with your lipstick, gloss or balm.

Line to perfection

An alternative to lip plumping serum to instantly create the illusion of having larger lips is to over line your lips. Take a lip liner that is the best match to whatever lipstick color you plan on using (the Loreal Crayon Petite Automatic Lip Liner comes in a lot of different shades and won’t feather) and draw outside of your natural lip line while still following its shape. You can over-line to your desired fullness, and then use the lip liner to fill in the gap between your new line and your natural lip line. Next, apply your lipstick all over, making sure it blends with your lipliner.

High shine for fuller results

If you want full and luscious lips, make sure that you have a shiny finish. You can either choose a lipstick that has shine in it, or apply a high-shine gloss on top of your lip color. Matte lips will appear flat, while the shine can create the illusion of roundness and fullness as it reflects the light. Our favorites? Maybelline's Color Sensational High Shine Lipcolor and Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss.

Don’t forget the concealer!

One of the easiest ways to get bold, full lips is to make sure your lips are actually standing out! When your lip color bleeds or feathers out into your skin, it can completely detract from the shape of the lips. After you’ve applied your lipliner, lipstick and/or lipgloss, apply some concealer all around the natural contour of your lips. Blend with a concealer brush (or even a cotton swab will work), and not only will this prevent your lip color from bleeding, but it will create a highlighted contrast from your lips to skin to make your lips pop! A concealer that works perfect for this purpose is the Cover Girl & Olay Concealer Balm because it actually comes in a lipstick consistency/packaging, so you can easily just apply it around your lips like you would a lipstick!

13th Aug 2015

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