5 Back To School Makeup Tips

Summer break is finally coming to an end. The kids are going back to school and we all know that by default; we all get affected. Traffic increases, yellow buses everywhere, and you can't turn that corner you got used to turning during summer vacations when the light was red (because you know, school hours and all.) I know for a fact that my sisters weren't too excited about the idea of waking up early and having to endure 8-10 hours of dreaded school subjects again. Neither was my mom, who has to arrive 2 hours prior to the pick up time in order to avoid a 2 mile long car line. For many, this might seem a little ridiculous but that's what happens with overprotective mothers that won't let their children take the bus home and walk a few blocks. 

Overprotective as she is, she's also very well organized. All lunches are packed the day prior, which include my 2 sisters', mine's and my dad's. She wakes up at 5 AM to see my dad off and gets breakfast ready for everyone. By the time I wake up, my cup of cafe con leche is ready for me in the microwave and she's had time to do her makeup –and sometimes,  even laundry–  before heading out for the day.

Many studies have shown that the average working woman would rather sleep in 10 more minutes than spend the time applying makeup. I say we can do both if we get the perfect routine with the right products. Creating a routine can be useful to anybody with a hectic schedule but is also a good way to look good  in a conservative school/work environment. Teenage girls (ages 13-18) tend to over abuse makeup these days. Nonetheless, we shouldn't ban them from using it but rather educate them on what's appropriate for each occasion. Makeup is meant to be flattering and a confidence boost!

With all that being said, here at BuyMeBeauty we bring you 5 quick and easy tips that will help you prettify yourself for work, school, interviews and simply put, everyday life. Get that back to school face on!!

Wash, Wash and Primer!

The importance of washing your face isn't just for saying, is a scientific fact! Cleansing and exfoliating your face decreases the chances of break outs, helps your skin cells to regenerate faster and slows down the aging process. Always take your make up off once you're done for the day, clean your face before going to sleep and before applying makeup in the morning. It will get rid of excess oils and dirt you can't see.

There are many cleansing products that will do both jobs at the same time. It doesn't need to be a fancy brand to do the trick.

  1. Wet your face with warm water before applying product.
  2. Depending on the product's specification, rub gently around your face and let it sit for a minute.
  3. Wash off with warm water and use a towel if necessary.

After washing your face, comes the most important step everybody forgets. As we mentioned in our previous tips blog post, using Primer before applying any makeup will help it stay longer and set properly. It might seem a waste of time but you'll see the difference once you've tried it.

Face ready in 3 products... I mean, minutes!

Moisturizing your face and protecting it from the sun (if you're going to be 2 hours under it like my mom) is as important as applying foundation. Thankfully, very smart people have created very useful products that contain all three things at once. BB creams, for example, are both sun screen and concealer. There other products that are sun screen, moisturizer, foundation and concealers. God! They do everything.

The fastest way to cover all skin needs in one product, is using tinted moisturizers. These products are moisturizers with a sheer color that beautify imperfections and protect you from the sun. 

  1. Choose the right tone for your skin. Never too light or too dark!
  2. BB Cream, CC Cream, DD Cream and Tinted Moisturizers are great all-in-one foundations.
  3. Apply with your fingers or foundation brush/sponge.
  4. Always apply the product all the way to your neck.

After applying your tinted moisturizer, set your makeup for an even long-lasting effect with a transparent powder. The only purpose of these powders is makeup settling. They will blend with your skin tone and are barely noticeable.

Now is time to smile really big! Take your favorite powder brush and apply the lightest tint of blush you own and apply to your high cheekbones. Pinkish tones look great in fair skin while bronzer compliments tanned skin. We want to go for a subtle rosy-cheeks-and-perfect-skin look.

Eye liner, or no Eye liner – that is the question

Eyes are the first thing people notice in a person's face. Therefore, depending on your abilities with eye liner I would say no if you're looking for a stress-free morning. I get frustrated with eye liner and I spend more time applying it than I should. Sometimes I get it right but I feel is too much or sometimes I get it wrong and I just want to crawl to a corner and cry.

So, to keep things simple: either use a brown eye liner with long-lasting features and/or use brown or nude tones of eyeshadow. Browns and nudes are very elegant and subtle, you won't be crying out -I PUT MAKEUP ON TODAY- but it will contour your eyes and compliment any eye color. A brown eyeliner will highlight the eye shadow and blend in really well but if you'll rather stick to your favorite black eye liner it will work just as well.

  • There are stick eye shadows that apply like an eyeliner but are highly bendable. 
  • The goal is to keep it natural, elegant and subtle.
  • Don't forget to look for long-duration products that are highly bendable.

In regards of your lashes. Curl your lashes with and eyelash curler, you can warm it up a little with a hairdryer for a most effective outcome. Apply your favorite long-lasting mascara or what we recommend; transparent mascara. Transparent mascara it's usually a growth formula that helps your lashes grow longer and stronger. By using transparent mascara you will keep your desired natural look and still get full volume lashes.


Now, I could have put this together with the above content but I feel like eye brows deserve an entire book. Eye brows are such a struggle! If getting one right takes you 2 hours, getting the second one the same way is a lost case. But it doesn't have to be, not completely. There are pencils that will fill in thin eyebrows or correct hair imperfections. They come in all sorts of colors to match your hair and a handy brush. Getting your eyebrows to a place where you're satisfied will do wonders to not only your face but to your self-esteem. A well defined eyebrows face will always look groomed and taken care of regardless of any makeup.

The best ones and easier to use are the pencil ones with a brush tip. 

  • Always apply your root color, a shade lighter. 
  • If you have enough time, contour them first and then fill them in. 
  • Don't worry about excess or mistakes you can always fix them with powder or concealer. 
  • There are liquid eye brow correctors as well but making a mistake with those isn't as forgiving.

Chapstick, lip balm, butter stick, lip tints

All of the above mentioned are all OK to wear. Chapsticks can be re-applied at any given time of the day and no matter what conservative environment you might find yourself in, it's never going to be unacceptable. However, there are so many alternative with pretty colors you can get your hands on. Lip balms and butter lipsticks are similar to chapsticks but with highly pigmented colors while lip tints are subtle and not glossy.

Take your pick and apply what feels right with your mood, outfit or occasion. It all comes down to that, what's appropriate or not. Wearing a different lipstick color everyday will make it look like you also applied different makeup everyday, even though you did the exact same thing.

* * * * *

Putting makeup every morning should become part of your routine just like it is to have breakfast. You don't have to sacrifice your ten minutes of extra sleep if you get in the right rhythm with the exact same products every day. It also doesn't have to be avoided because you're an elementary school teacher or a stay-at-home mom who waits 2 hours under the sun to pick up her kids. Makeup is for everybody, you don't need a reason to wear it other than to look great to yourself!

If you need help finding products to follow these tips check out our Back To School category!

18th Aug 2016

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