12 Beauty and Makeup Hacks Every Woman NEEDS to know!

1.  DIY Matte Lips

Want a matte lipstick, but have a favorite color that’s glossy or shiny? Apply the lipstick and then dust a fair/light face powder on top for an instantly matte look. 

2. Get Perfectly Defined Lips 

If your lipstick seems to always feather and look messy, try lining your lips with concealer after you apply your lipstick to keep it looking clean and to prevent your lip color from fading beyond your lip line.

3. DIY Eyeliner

If you want a gel eyeliner look but don’t have one on hand, you can use your mascara! Just use a flat mini eye shadow brush and dip into your mascara, and apply like you would a regular liner!

4. Perfect the winged eye

If you’re always having trouble creating a clean winged eye, try sticking on masking tape at the angle you want to apply the liner, and draw it on right above it. Then remove the tape for a sharp, clean line!

5. Gorgeous Lashes

To better curl your eyelashes, blow-dry your eyelash curler to warm it. The heat will help curl your lashes!

6. No Eye Primer? No Problem!

Want your eyeshadow to last all day, but don’t have any eye primer? Just use concealer on your lids as your base! It will even the skin and hold the shadow in place.

7. Look more awake!

You can instantly appear more awake and refreshed by tight lining the water line of your eye with a white eyeliner/highlighter. The white helps highlight and brighten your eyes!

8. Your Mascara isn't dead yet!

Don’t throw your mascara away just yet! If it’s dry, try putting a few eye drops in the mascara tube and it will help loosen some of the dried mascara, giving you a few more uses!

9. Kick those bags to the curb

If you struggle with dark or puffy under eye circles, put some spoons in the refrigerator or freezer and wait for them to chill. Then, hold them under your eyes for a few minutes to reduce puffiness/darkness (the cold constricts your blood vessels!) *For even better results, try sleeping with your pillows propped up so your head is slightly higher than the rest of your body level. It helps with lymphatic drainage, which reduces under eye puffiness!

10. Instantly dry nails

Need to paint your nails, but don’t have time to wait for them to dry? Stick your wet nails in a bowl of ice water and your nails will dry almost instantly!

11. Make your perfume last

You can make the scent of your perfume last much longer on your skin if you first apply Vaseline to your application area, and then spray the perfume on top!

12. Keep your hair smelling fresh all day

For a light, lasting scent on your hair, spray your perfume onto your hairbrush, and then brush your hair. It’s the best way to wear your favorite scent without spraying directly onto your hair and making it wet or greasy! 

10th Sep 2015

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