Makeup on a budget: How to get a flawless look without breaking the bank

We all know that splurging on a makeup shopping spree is every makeup lover’s dream, but depending on how much you love your makeup, it could get a little pricey! There are always so many fun, new products that come out that you feel like you need to try, but how can you keep all the fun of trying new products and makeup shopping if you’re on a budget? We’ve got some tips that we think will be super helpful for all you budget-conscious makeup lovers out there! 1. Buy drugstore brands instead of …
18th Sep 2015

Drugstore vs. Department Store Makeup Haul: Comparing Our Favorites!

We’re all aware of the multitude of makeup brands and options available to us- especially the looming decision of whether to buy drugstore brand makeup or department store brand makeup! Is there really a difference between the two, and are there comparable products between each of the makeup tiers? These are all questions we’ve wondered before, so we’ve identified some of our favorite drugstore makeup items and their department store counterparts, so the decision on whether to buy affordable or …
24th Aug 2015

Must Have Face Makeup: Primer, Foundation, Powder, and Minerals!

Face makeup is the most important part of your makeup look as it evens out your complexion, brightens you face, and provides a smooth base for the rest of your makeup application. But with so many different options from primers, liquid foundations, powders, and minerals, how do you know which one is best for you? We’ve broken it down for you by category and also shared our favorite picks for each one!Primers: Priming your face before you apply your makeup is an absolute must- it evens out …
10th Aug 2015

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