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Loreal Volume Perfect Re-Shaping Lipcolor

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Loreal Volume Perfect Re-Shaping Lipcolor


L'Oreal Volume Perfect provides exactly what its name states. It is a perfect lip colour that provides volume to your lips. The 2 step, dual ended lip colour re-shapes and re-contours your lips for a smoother, shapelier and visibly fuller set of lips.

The cream base contains the essential collagen complex, which smoothes the lips before you add your colour. The second step adds the beautiful colour. The lip colour re-hydrates and replenishes lips without feathering. Make your lips look fuller, with a sexy, pouty look.

Volume doesn't only apply to your hair and lashes! With Loreal Volume Perfect Re-Shaping Lipcolor, your lips will be visibly plump and perfect. With a two part formula, you can re-shape your lips to your heart's content. L'Oreal Volume Perfect Lip Stick is an investment you won't regret.