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Revlon Pumice Stone 3-Piece Set

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Revlon Pumice Stone 3-Piece Set


Special Value! This set contains 1 Pumice Stone, 1 set of Toe Separators, and 1 Extra Gentle Expert Shaper for weak nails. All the essentials for a perfect at-home pedicure!

Pumice Stone:

  • Natural pumice stone gently smoothes away rough skin on feet, hands, elbows and knees
  • Rounded shape is comfortable to use
  • Use on wet or damp skin
  • Rinse pumice stone in warm water
    Warning: This tool is not recommended for diabetics or those with poor circulation. Do not use on red or inflamed skin.

    Expert Shaper - Extra Gentle

  • Fine-grain surface gently shapes and smoothes weak nails
  • Professional length for optimum control
  • Cushioned and flexible for comfortable filing
  • Washable and long-lasting
  • To help prevent splitting, file in one direction only

    Toe Separators

  • Keep toes apart for easy application of polish

The Revlon Pumice Stone 3-Piece Set is the answer to your at-home pedicure dreams! Stylish, professional grade items at unbeatable prices. Get yours today!