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Revlon Crystal File with Mini Crazy Shine Nail Buffer

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Revlon Crystal File with Mini Crazy Shine Nail Buffer

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  • Ultra-fine glass surface ideal to file nails quickly and gently.
  • Helps prevent nails from splitting and breaking.
  • Double sided surface resists wear - just rinse and reuse.
  • Includes file case.

  • Crazy Shine Buffer:
  • 400% shinier than bare nails.
  • Bare Nails -
  • Step 1: Use green side to smooth and even out nail surface.
  • Step 2: Use white side to polish nail to an outrageous shine.
  • Polished Nails -
  • Use white side to revive nail polish luster.

Made of ultra-fine glass, the Revlon Crystal File is the longest lasting nail file you'll find! After use, simply rinse and reuse! Buy now and get your bonus Crazy Shine Nail Buffer for 400% shinier nails!